Dr. Sumer Chand Gupta is a renowned naturopath all over India. He is a Director of Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center. He has served as a CMO for 39 years in Ojas Naturopathy and Yoga Center, Ashram Patti Kalyana near Samalkha in Haryana (a very famous naturopathy center of India). He holds an experience of almost 45 years in this field. He has been awarded by various prestigious institutions for his work. He is awarded the “Leap Award” by WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION), “best Naturopath” by Hasya Yoga. He is a man who works on Gandhi principles and is known as Gandhi wadi by people. He only wears Khadi and follows naturopathy and Yoga. He is a Patron of “International Naturopathy Organization” and associated with many other bodies. He has devoted his whole life to the service of mankind.